At 11 am this morning, I wrote on facebook: “He’s [Obama] gonna go with a 30,000 troop deployment but he’s gonna attach a specific withdrawal time-frame. At the same time, the US will leverage its new troop deployment to bring the Taliban to the political table (as it is already doing).” Yeah, I’m quoting myself.

And then I read this on the HuffPost: “Obama’s Afghanistan Decision: 34,000 More Troops And An Exit Strategy, Reports Say” at noon. I’m still claiming credit for calling it.

So, State Department, where’s my job with the Policy Planning Staff?

On a serious note, this was much anticipated (and though not entirely confirmed) and it was the decision that made the most sense. As Stephen Walt noted, it’s President Obama’s instinct to seek a compromise. Thirty thousand sounds like a fair one between Biden’s call for 0 and Gen. McChrystal’s call for 40,000 boots. President Obama is also a fan of exit strategies and time-frames, as we can recall from the 2008 campaign.