Shehzad Roy‘s banned song “Laga Reh” (Carry On or Keep at it) typifies the mood in Pakistan. It’s been through crisis after crisis and remains fatalistic as ever. Watch, enjoy!

For those of you who think that Guantanamo Bay and American torture don’t have public relations consequences and don’t turn our allies in the Muslim world against us, watch “Qismat Aapney Haath Mein” (Our fate is in our hands). Shehzad Roy is no anti-American Islamist. He’s from the persecuted Ismaili sect of Islam and is one of Pakistan’s leading humanitarians. The orange suits they’re wearing in the video unmistakeably draw inspiration from the outfits at Guantanamo. And notice the Americans in the black suits?

A hit movie in Pakistan a few years ago “Khuda ke liye” (In the name of God) also touched upon the fears of Pakistanis and Muslims in the post-9/11 world. The point of the movie was, by the way, to outright condemn terrorism and to undercut the theological hypocrisy of the mullahs who defended it.