As we all know, Harper’s Conservative government is the best thing to happen to Canadian foreign policy since sliced bread. After closing down Canadian missions in places like Bosnia and Cambodia, cutting budgets across the board for Foreign Affairs, they’ve stumbled upon a brilliant way to spend all that saved money.

Why not spend it on coool explosions and the like to tell Americans just how important we are? They’ve decided to simulate the combat Canadian troops face fighting in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province–that’s right, bombs on Pennsylvania avenue.

Firstly, by no means do I want to belittle the accomplishments of Canada’s Armed Forces. They’re some of the best trained and most honourable soldiers in the world.

But I do want to mock the current political masters in Ottawa for their childish need to impress Americans. It’s important to tell the story of Canada’s accomplishments but now is not the time. Canada is leaving Afghanistan in little over than a year and the conflict is losing popularity across the electorate. Moreover, to be fair, contributing approximately 2000 soldiers to a conflict in one of the world’s most tumultuous nations does not seem entirely consequential.